The EKB allows to get...

3 kWp Monocrystalline G-GiTech PV panels


SEB with ruggedized industrial transportation case

Cables and connectors

A mobile slice of energy that you can use at your business site.

You charge it with up to 7.2 kWh using the 3 kWp G-HiTech Monocrystalline PV panels.

Then you transport it to your business site including:

  • Mechanical workshops;

  • Grinder business;

  • Street food;

  • Outdoor events (concert, wedding, worship,…);

  • Remote construction sites;

The kit includes PV panels, cables and connectors along with the SEB in its ruggedized industrial transportation case.

Note:  the same mobile SEB can be transported back home to run all your appliances.